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Posh pooches, and fancy felines will dine well too.

A Well Trained and Deserving Pet, Sometimes Earns that Special Reward, and When They do I will be there for them and you!!

Whether your pooch is truly gourmet or not, he certainly will indulge in a little variety in the ordinary menu, to which he has come accustomed.

Using fresh meats, and vegatables, rice, and oatmeal...a little culinary wizardry and some trusted recipes, and lots of affection and love; I will create fish, pasta, and treats to delight the discriminating canine.

Tasty Gourmet Treats

  • Lamb, peas, garlic, mushrooms and whole wheat angle hair

  • Spring Veggie bowl, with oats, carrots, asparagus

  • Cod bowl, rice, boiled egg, basil, and tomatoes

  • Bellas Bowl, ground beef and lamb, sweet corn and carrots

  • Chicken , zucchini and garlic hashtastic creation

Doggie Deliciousness

  • Collies crapes, whole wheat, herb crapes, with cheese, egg, farmers cheese, rice and banana

  • Crunchy treats, flavorful beef snacks enriched w/omega3

  • Banana poppers, little baked treat to reward a good boy

  • Veggie Snaps zucchini and carrot treats

Best Friends Bounties

  • Potato bread pizza, with tuna and veggies

  • Energize Ernie the power meal, beans oats cabbage and tofu

  • Chockfull of flavor cookies, chicken, parmesan, oats, garlic, and carrots,

Living LA Vida Poochie

  • Celebration cake, a slightly sweet and savory shepherd’s pie, baked in a cake pan, with raisins, beef, potatoes, egg, and rye flour Swiss and golden syrup.

  • Biscuits 4 Benji, tasty lil sausage crisp

  • Homemade dog bone, blend of flours, seaweed, oats, bran, with a cheesy, meaty filling.

  • Honey oat cookies

Fit Feast for Four Legs

  • Fresh bites, polenta balls, with burst of mint

  • Locks of love, a coat glowing blend of fruit, veg, oats and lecithin, egg and herbs

  • Diet plate, tastey and light lean beef, celery, bean sprouts, bran, low fat yogurt and vita/mineral mix

  • Good teeth cookies, nice hard oat and sunflower seed cookies

  • Flatulent reduction biscuit, made of mint parsley, gluten free flour

Get'em Up and Runnin'

  • Puppy peeker, a blend of farmers cheese, chicken and potatoes when puppy is not feeling well

  • Convalescents chicken and oat Meal

  • Rumbly tumbly bowl for stomach and digestion rice pudding with apple, quark and chicken stock

  • Poochie need poopie almond bran biscuits


Still Under Construction.......