Questions & Answers

What is a personal Chef:

A personal chef is a one who prepares meals for various clients, usually in the client's home kitchen. (This IS what I do.)

Personal chefs are distinctly different from a private chef.

What is a Private Chef:

This chef is usually employed exclusively by one client, and in some cases lives in the client's home. In most cases these Private chefs are a regular employee, who is hired for preparing most or all of the family's meals (This is NOT what I do... But, if interested there could be an option later.)

Me working for you:

As your personal chef, I cook for dinner parties and other special occasions in the client's home, which means shopping, preparing the meal, serving the guests and cleaning up afterward (details to be worked out with client, generally only the cooking area and tools are my cleaning responsibility.) Generally the meals are left packaged in containers and refrigerated and prepared twice a week for the client to enjoy later. (If one visit a week is better than frozen could be an alternative.)

Price Structure:

Prices, fees and charges vary for each client as everything is personalized, the factors are frequency of visit, seasonal availability, amount of service and or services rendered, and food cost and time need to accomplish satisfactory service.

What else do you do:

Specialties and or Frequently Requested Dishes:

Cajun Catfish Tacos: Lightly Cornmeal Breaded Spicy Catfish Nuggets, Stacked with Homemade Tequila Cilantro Dressed Cabbage and Romaine Slaw, drizzled with Fresh Baja Romolaude Crème, Topped off with a Peppery Cheese and Special Robust Pico De Gallo

Kalhuaed Mushroom Cordon Bleu: Hand Pounded All White Meat Chicken Breast, Lightly Dredged in Provencal Seasoning, Crusted in Lightly Sweet, and Flavorful Crunchy Cornflake Crusting, stuffed with Special Cheese Blend, Dijon Mustard, and Prosciutto, Baked on a Wonderful Bed of Kahlua Drunken Mushrooms, which are serve on the side, and Drizzled with the Special Pan Sauce.

Fort Worth Caviar: A Take-off on Traditional Texas Caviar, Embellished with a Special Selection of Seasonal Peppers, In a Specialized Margarita Vinegrette, Served on Belgian endive... It's the Ideal Appetizer for Walk around Affairs, But a great cold salad anytime.

Rosemary and Garlic Stuffed Tenderloin: My All Famed Dish Is Done with Pork, but Beef works Well Too. This Entree is Rolled in A Herbaceous Medley of Spices and Herbs hand Selected By Myself then Slow Roasted to the perfect doneness and served to Mouthwatering Clients.... Works great as cold app for Parties too.

Hand Rolled Slow Simmered Beef, Smoking Good Slow Smoked Pork or Awesome Grilled Chicken Enchiladas: I Get Great Compliments on My Homemade Enchiladas, and Yes I Can Do Decadent Oooooeeeeyy, Gooey, Cheese ones too. I Take My Time and Do It Right.

I also do Theme Dinners, Complete with music.

I have a Special Package for those (Guys or Girls) in the "DOG HOUSE." So this is a good way to dig yourself out, it comes with music, and personalized poem written specifically for you and your love one, using your words and special notes from your life... This one is a winner every time.

What do I need to do For the Pre -Planned Packaged Meal Service?

Actually you have very little to do, leave me a clean kitchen and space in the fridge, we can determine if I use your containers or mine ( Price will be affected here), I will need access to your Kitchen, Pantry, Fridge, Appliances, and Grill if needed, and the washroom.

How long does it take?

Time is of the essence, for best quality of food I recommend a twice a week visit, for freshness and flavor. Each visit would be enough o prep, par cook or complete entrees, sides and other items, then cool them, package them and cleanup. The estimated time may vary from kitchen to kitchen, but roughly 1st visit each week about 4 - 5 hours, little less on second visit. You don't need to be present, a key can be left or a lock box can be used, I will need gate access for private communities and buildings. You are welcome to be present, as long as you don't interrupt my workflow; I am on your clock, though.

Can I just hire you to cook and leave, like on an as needed or One-Time basis?

Yes, you can. I can be hired on an Hourly Rate, Rate depends on need. In this instance it could be between $20 and $40 Hr., based on skill level required and assistance needed...this can be negotiated. Minimum charge $50 per labor only visit.

According to health department guidelines, all food must either be prepared in the home of the client or in a kitchen that has passed an official health inspection, therefore catering food in can be done, for nominal charges, to be determined in that event.

Please, feel free to read through my Website for more info, or call me @ (480) 745 9107.

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